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Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers Begins with Proper Street Marking and Traffic Signals

The parking lot is the first chance for your business to make a good impression on potential clients and guests and this translates to the roadway as well. In addition, roadways should be marked and striped in a way that promotes functionality and safety. Whether you are striping a private drive for the first time or you are needing to clean, repair, and restripe an older section of road, General Striping, LLC has the specialists you need.

Purpose of Traffic Control Signs and Road Signs

Even with global positioning systems and other navigational tools available for motorists today, road and traffic signs are still of high importance. Traffic is everywhere; therefore, signs should be everywhere too. Whether they are to control vehicular traffic or pedestrian traffic, they must be visible and put in the proper place. Signs are not only necessary on roads but they must also be put in areas where there are risks such as construction sites and places where traffic needs to be controlled such as in hospitals, schools, and airports. The main purpose of traffic signage is to promote safety and efficiency on public roads. They notify motorists of government regulations, provide a warning to potential hazards on or near the road and guide you to your to destination. Signage needs to be given proper attention and respect by motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians for their own safety and for the safety of others. It is important for companies who manufacture or provide signs to other industries to fully know the proper specifications, shapes, and colors for traffic and road signs. They must follow the strict regulations set by the Department of Transportation to ensure efficiency and avoid accidents. General Striping has been providing businesses and municipalities top-quality signs at very competitive prices since they’ve been in business. Contact them when you need accessories, delineators, markers, and other traffic control products for your parking lot, parking garages, roadways, and areas around your facility.

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We have striped all types of streets, from two-lane roads to multi-lane highways. Below are some photos of our past street striping projects.

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